Saturday, May 10

There are no words to paint a picture of you, mom.

Assalammualaikum wbt,

She is woman, she is mother, she is daughter, she is sister, she is wife, she is a person. She is strong, smart, crafty. She is passionate, courageous, generous. Cooking barefoot is only one of her superpowers. She is action, emotion, devotion. She gives me life. She gives me respect, love, gratitude. She believe me, she will nurture me, fight for me. 

Mom, I may not like you always, we may have arguments and fights sometimes. But mom, you always be beside me until the end, wiping all my tears away, being my bestfriend, my spirit, my influence. You are the best, and be the best forever. I may ask you for money, I may ask you for many things, but you always try to fulfill it all.

Mom, I may not say that I love you, but mom, I love you so much. Thank you mak!